Business-idea: Sweet Bouquets business

18.11.2016 · Trading


How many times have you received a bunch of flowers or some gift that you neither needed nor wanted? People need a source for gift giving that they can be sure of will be loved and appreciated by the recipient. People like giving a gift that communicates that they put a little extra thought into the gift giving process. No one likes to look like the person that bought the first thing they found at a large impersonal department store. After all, it's easy to get the wrong color and size in a sweater.

Over a lifetime, the average woman will receive many bouquets of flowers that will wither and die, end up in the trash, and be quickly forgotten.

However, a bouquet of sweet treats picked out just for her - who could forget that? Yum!
So I think it’s a good business idea to create sweet bouquets full of delightful treats. You can include various candies in your tasty bouquets. And you will have to have a wide range of treats on hand to include in your various bouquets, ranging from brightly wrapped candies that remind the customer of their childhood favorites, to traditional and modern favorites.

Sweet Bouquets business

Your candy offerings would likely include some of these varieties, as well as many others I'm sure you could think of:
Rock candy
Candy necklaces
Candy buttons
Fizzy candy
Fudge in a variety of flavors
Suckers and Lollipops in various sizes and colors
Packaged candy bars
Jars of M&M's
Chocolate dissolving coffee spoons
Decadent gourmet Swiss chocolates
Chocolate bars in varying degrees of cocoa content (chocolates from different regions of the world)
Chocolates in the shape of long stemmed roses, surrounded by sprigs of babies breath
Exotic chocolate dipped chili peppers
Gourmet chocolate truffles
Chocolates melted and formed into the shapes of bunnies, frogs, chicks, teddy bears, and people.

Your sweet bouquets should have a visually pleasing arrangement of sweet treats, and perhaps a sprinkling of dried flowers and ribbons or other materials for more color and texture amidst the sweets.

The arrangements can be wrapped in large colorful bows, packaged in festive boxes, flower pots, or fun planters in the shape of a pair of rain boots or an upside-down umbrella, brightly colored baskets, bright yellow vintage toy trucks, over-sized coffee mugs and teapots.
You really are only limited by your imagination. How will you make yours unique and creative?
You should offer a selection of themed bouquets, or offer to create a personalized bouquet using a selection of ingredients that your customer can choose from.

This will ensure that the resulting sweet bouquet really is unique, one-of-a-kind and is personalized for the recipient, or a specific occasion.

This is one of those small business ideas that enables you to work from home and have fun doing it too.

To help market this idea you should print up a brochure with a sampling of ideas and pictures of your candy bouquets.

Leave the brochures where ever you think you could develop business to get started, even post them up on bulletin boards around your town.

You could also build a website full of colorful detailed pictures that illustrate examples of your bouquets, and offer ideas for a personalized bouquet that your customer can request to be created for them.

Keep in mind that just about everyone likes to get sweet treats!
It doesn't matter if that person is a man or woman, child or adult, professional or stay-at-home mom, - almost everyone has a sweet tooth!

You could also create these bouquets and arrange to sell them at local small shops in your area.
If you create sensational candy bouquets they are sure to sell themselves.

Of course you would pay the shop owner an agreed upon fee, so you would have to make sure you have enough profit built into your price after paying the commission.

You should also leave your brochures with the bouquets so you can take special orders. A florist shop might be a great place for this.

Your bouquets of sweet sentiments could include an endless assortment of candies and be decorated in an infinite variety of ways.

Once people discover your candy bouquets you could receive an ongoing source of repeat business as there are so many occasions that candy bouquets would make fun and unique gifts for.

Here is a list of potential occasions or themes that you could create a sweet bouquet for:
House warming
New baby
New job
Just because
I am sorry
Congratulations on a work promotion
Congratulations on buying your first home
Queen for a day
Keep up the good work


Making a great change to a bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates hand-crafted candy bouquets are an ideal way to say, 'I love you', 'Thank you', 'Congratulations', 'Get well', 'Happy Birthday', 'Just Married' or for any other special occasion.

Beautiful chocolate gifts may combine floral-like arrangements of your favorite sweets and fresh fine chocolates each individually hand-wrapped on stems and decorated with silk flowers and themed accessories.

If you are looking for that unique gift, search no more! Choose a chocolate bouquet with your preference of color, sweets and chocolates to fit your wishes.
Whether it is for someone you love, a friend, a relative or a colleague exclusive sweet bouquet will make their day!



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